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About Us
About Us

Who We Are

Matrix Title Solutions is a subset of The Matrix Group, a Manassas based computer consulting company.  Founded in 1999, Matrix works exclusively with Manassas-area clients in our consulting practice.  We have long experience in technology for almost any sector of industry and commerce that may be found in our area.  Our main business relates to computer and network installation and maintenance but we have written custom software for very large businesses, created and maintained web sites and just about everything else.  Our motto is that, "if a computer is involved, we can do it."

Why document storage?

Many of our customers are Title companies and we have struggled along with them in addressing the growing amount of paper that the practice of their business requires.  Storage and difficulty of long term storage are significant problems but the real problem is finding a pertinent piece of information in a warehouse full of paper.  Our solution eliminates this problem by:

At A Glance

Local Technology firm specializing in technology solutions for small-medium sized business

In addition, The Matrix Group participates in just about every community group we can find.  These include Serve, Habitat for Humanity, The Red Cross and Voluntary Action Center.

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