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It is a different business today

Business in general has changed considerably in the last 10 years. Gone are the days of 50-page faxes. Large documents now arrive via email and can be printed anywhere in the world within minutes.  Despite this, Business remains married to thick folders of paper that contain every little nugget of information concerning a particular matter.  It seems that the path to the digital age is paved with good, old-fashioned paper.  Paper, or more importantly, what is on the paper is the one stumbling block in the digital age.  Left behind in the age of the electronic medical record and email correspondence are the reams of historical data that are maintained in offices and storage facilities nationwide. 

Despite this rush to automate and ease the flow of information these historical documents are not normally disposable. In theory, this is a vast trove of information but the reality is quite different. Those thick folders end up taking quite a bit of space and, over time, it becomes more and more difficult the find the exact nugget of information that you might be looking for. Matrix has come up with a solution for this quandary. Applying a extensive knowledge business process and technology, we believe that our solution is what you need.

Make your customers happy and your business more efficient

In the age of the ipod and picture phone, is it too much for a customer to expect that she can get an easily storable representation of a documents?  Our solution makes this part easy for you and the capstone on an otherwise satisfying closing experience.  In our second tier of service, we put your electronic documents in a searchable database.  Years later, you can search for your documents by whatever data points you require.

We are all about making your business more efficient

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How We can Help

By converting your documents into electronic images we will make your business more efficient by:

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